About Us

With more than 60 years experience, Bordes Estates remains a strong name in its Boutique Real Estate field.

Founded in the French Riviera in 1960, Bordes Estates is an agency renowned for its expertise in successfully completing confidential transactions of ultra-high-end properties. Bordes Estates became the first real estate agency in France to sell residential properties above 100M Euros.

Buyers and sellers rely on our world-class team of senior consultants to handle their transactions and guide them in making excellent decisions. We value confidentiality, exclusivity, and professionalism at every level of our process and provide our clients with tailored services.

We put at our clients’ disposal the most exclusive off-market properties located in London, New York, Miami, Dubai, Paris, Monaco and the French Riviera. The properties and offers are not advertised publicly to grant the highest level of exclusivity.

We take pride in our ability to enable clients to maximize the value of their assets in the major hotspots of the world, making the process of purchasing or selling luxury properties seamless.

Chairman's Message

I created a team of experienced advisors in our various locations, to follow precisely every requirements in sales and purchases of high standing Real Estate. Our professional consultants are dedicated to provide the best services with a high level of confidentiality to achieve your goals. 

We look forward to assist you in your Real Estate projects and to prove our added value.