With more than 60 years of expertise, Bordes Estates has a solid proven track record of discreet luxury property transactions worldwide. Highly experienced, the team of senior property consultants provide buyers with a personalized approach to this complex Real Estate market.  

High Privacy 

The agency excels in offering customized services to Real Estate buyers to suit their unique expectations with the utmost discretion. Bordes Estates assess each buyer’s project with close attention to offer a selection of properties adapted to the clients’ needs. 

Access to prestigious properties off-market 

With the help of its Property Management Department, Bordes Estates developed a strong high-profile client base, and, consequently, is one of the rare Real Estate Boutique office to work with the most prestigious off-market properties in the world.  

As a result, the agency offers an unparalleled service to its buyers with the opportunity to access a large portfolio of non-advertised high-end properties available on the French Riviera, Paris, Dubai, London, Shanghai, New York City and Miami.  

The purchasing process and after-sale service 

Bordes Estates assists its clients through the entire purchasing process, from the easiest to to the most complex case. Every project is unique and many aspects have to be taken into consideration in order to achieve a successful and smooth transaction. The team study each circumstance carefully and advise on the best methods to adopt.  

Once the transaction has been completed, our Management Team proposes bespoke Property Management services such as:  

  • Staff recruitment, training & management 
  • Property maintenance: from the furniture to the architecture of the property 
  • Renovations, Cleaning, Refurbishment 
  • Daily running expenses 

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