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New York is considered a “mecca” for successful entrepreneurs and celebrities, attracting financially potent individuals like a magnet and currently owning the world record of the largest concentration of billionaires. After all, New York has been home to the Rockefellers for generations, known as the Royal Family of New York, and counting at least 17 historic buildings to their name, along with a real estate empire. A good part of New York provides a wealth of luxury real estate properties – from the “old money world” of Upper East Side, the high-end bohemian Tribeca, to luxury properties in Carnegie Hill, penthouses with stunning views over Central Park and the scenic views over the Hudson River in Fresh Kills. Those who enjoy hobnobbing with the rich and famous should definitely consider purchasing exclusive off-market real estate opportunities in the Big Apple. Moreover, New York City counts three international airports, providing easy access to every hotspot in the world.

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