Property Management

Bordes Estates Management

Bordes Estates is specialized in Property Management Services, and overseas over 1B€ worth of Luxury Residential Properties. It is operated by a highly qualified team providing high-end property owners with customised services. We leverage our 50+ years of expertise to allow real estate owners to enjoy their exclusive properties without needing to look after administrative tasks.

Our services include:


Staff Management

  • We can handle the recruitment and training for staff members ranging from nannies, gardeners, butlers, drivers, housemaids, security, maintenance, and more. Our team is able to source the most qualified and reliable staff for your specific needs.
  • We can handle the payroll, visas, and holiday formalities while you rest assured that your personnel is in good hands.

Administrative tasks

Our property managers make sure your bills are paid on time, and all the formalities, paperwork, and administrative tasks are handled with responsibility. The main goal is for our clients to enjoy their property to its full potential while we handle the tedious aspects of managing it.

Our high-class services include

Staff management

  • Recruitment and training : Nannies, gardeners, Housemaids, Butlers, Drivers, Maintenance agents, Security etc.
  • Management and schedule : Ensuring that the tasks are completed as per requirements, and the weekly schedule is in place
  • Payroll, visas and holidays


Administrative tasks

  • Bills payments
  • Quotations
  • Insurances


Bordes Estates provides complete property management services, from the staff recruitment, to the maintenance of the property as well as the administrative tasks, follow ups, projects monitoring and more. Should you have an interior design work in mind, do not hesitate to get in touch with us, our Team will be delighted to lead the project for you.